Tuesday, 13 June 2017


I've (finally) started writing my new book, working title - Rabbit Girl.

Draft cover:-

As I write, I'm collecting ideas and images in Pinterest.

Some of the images on my board

I'm excited to be delving into the world of Lewis Caroll, investigating new ideas,

and creating a new book based loosely on Alice in Wonderland...

Rabbit Girl - Draft Blurb

Would you abandon your best friend to save your sanity?

"Sanity is overrated. Look at you - you're as mad hatter - all the best people are..."

Lissie has long had more than her fair share of problems. For one, her only friend Is a six-foot white rabbit called Lewis.

Add to that a childhood traumatised by schizophrenia, and Lissie generates enough material to keep a team of psychiatrists busy for years.

If she is to recover, Lissie must be prepared to give up the only friend she has ever known.

However, getting rid of Lewis is no easy matter...

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