2 March 2017

Seven Ways To Beat The Amazon Algorithm And Sell More Books!

We've all heard about it, in the publishing industry it has gained some notoriety as an Indie Author slayer. However, if you follow these ten key tips you can make the algorithm work for you instead of against you. Providing this information almost makes me a 'Deep Throat' for Indie Authors. So get your pencil out, give it a lick and start writing.
  1. Make sure that you have a top quality, eye-catching, and genre specific cover.
  2. Your title should not only include a hook but also at least one high traffic keyword e.g. Girl (lots of people worked this one out!)
  3. Use an epic tagline and description to grab the browsers and make sure your first five pages are exciting, conflict-filled and hook your audience using Amazon's 'look inside' feature.
  4. Use keywords that are popular but have low competition such as 'Witch'. Though this alters pretty rapidly as people catch on - see 'Girl' above!
  5. Chose your categories carefully - for best results pick one high profile/ranking category and one low ranking one. This will give you the widest audience spread. For example, one where the book is at 5,000 in the 100 ranked book and one where the book is ranked 50,000 in the 100 spot.
  6. Try to ensure a slow trickle of reviews that slowly build over your first month rather than on big spike, which Amazon regards with some suspicion due to various scams. NEVER pay for reviews either directly or indirectly. Companies such as Bookreview22 who take your money with no guarantees do not get you reviews and are a waste of your money. Do not fall for their sales pitch.
  7. Set the price low at first say 99p - to lift you higher in the algorithm, then raise it later to mirror the best sellers in your categories.
So, there you are.... I'll look out for you on the latest Bestseller lists. If you would like some more detailed information on how to accomplish some of the processes listed above, here are some examples of books that can help you.



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