22 January 2017

10 Golden Rules for Writing an Amazon Bestseller


So, I now have two Amazon Bestsellers... from nowhere to here in just over two years. I've been thinking about how I did it and have come up with these ten top tips for writing a successful book as I realise there are a lot of you out there thinking 'I wish I could do that' - well you can!

Just follow this ten step recipe and you have every chance of joining me or maybe doing even better.
  1. Build an author platform (website, blog and social media) with a newsletter sign up to build your fan base.
  2. Write a killer book!
  3. Get a great cover that is appropriate for the genre of your book.
  4. Edit the hell out of it until it's pretty much perfect.
  5. Write an enticing blurb that grabs your audience.
  6. Go exclusive to Amazon
  7. Pick relevant but not over popular keywords for your Amazon book search.
  8. Invest in paid and free advertising at least for your launch week but longer if it goes well.
  9. Write a series.
  10. Write more books!
Here are some suggestions of books that go into a little more detail about the points listed above: nbsp; Happy writing! Karen Wrighton

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