12 September 2016

Ascension of the Whyte - Audiobook News!

Hi everyone,

You may well have been wondering where I have been the past couple of weeks. Well, I have been away on holiday to the Cotswolds where I visited many literary places including the birthplace of J. K. Rowling and the famous Rose Farm, and Woolpack Inn made famous by Laurie Lee. I even checked out his grave with a beautiful inscription which pronounces, "He lies in the valley he loved."

I also had a well-deserved rest, ate a great deal, drank a little and sat a lot! However, I have not been entirely idle.  I have done much research and written a few thousand words of The Last Girl Guide, and I have arranged to have an audiobook produced for Ascension of the Whyte, which should be available by Christmas.  So if you are an audiobook fan, check back here for updates on the release date.

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