12 August 2016

The Last Girl Guide - Coming this winter!

Coming this winter; The Last Girl Guide - an exciting  new Dystopian  Young Adult  Novel - Check back here later for full release details or sign up for updates.
The Last Girl Guide (The Diary of a Survivor)
Everyone is dead. Everyone except Harper, but if you had to choose someone to survive Armageddon alone, you would pick someone like Harper.
The girl has all the qualities you would need. An autistic loner, who, despite suffering years of abuse remains remarkably undamaged; a true survivor - but can anyone survive in a world where they are completely alone - even Harper?
Then there are the dogs, who hunt in packs, nothing living is safe.
Harper records her struggle for survival in a diary. This is her story.
"An electrifying and often touching insight into one girl's struggle to survive in a hostile dystopian world."

Be amongst the first people to read the first two chapters of the draft here!

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