7 September 2014

Rose’s Top Ten Magic Spells

Rose’s Top Ten Magic Spells
(Rose the Whyte)

When I first found out that I would be learning how to cast magic spells and brew charms I was quite excited, as you can imagine.  However I found to my dismay that it did not come easily to me at first.

Magic here in the Afterlands is different than I expected, the Spells are generally cast in two parts and by using three components. First we learn to perform the relevant potens action and then, we are taught to use the relevant command or incantation.

For example in order to cast a blocking spell we use a potens action called, rather unoriginally, a ‘block’ and at the same time we must use the blocking command, which is the command ‘Obsepio’. The most important component however, is using our mind and through our potens rings, projecting our magical power, our potens, beyond our physical bodies. To some extent this cannot be learned, it is an innate skill, but like all skills I have found it improves greatly with practice.

Here are my top ten spells. Number one of course is the most important spell to me, though I have not yet been able to cast it.  It is the spell that I need to be able to cast if I am to save the people of the Afterlands from Lord Ka and the Djinn of Erebus.

1.        Incantatio This is the spell to end all evil, the spell constructed by Eldwyn the Whyte to protect the Afterlands from those who would wish to harm its people. I am the procurator of this spell which is a spell in three or four parts which are hidden throughout the lands in various objects.  These objects are enchanted in such a way that they and I are destined to be drawn together. Being the procurator means that the spell can only reveal itself to me. This is to keep the spell from getting into the wrong hands.
2.        Obsepio This is the blocking spell and my favourite spell because it was the first spell that I was successful in casting.  It has been used to save a life and if I were to have a signature spell it would probably be this one.
3.        Auxillio This is the alarm spell that is used to summon members of your group when you are separated.  It is like having your own brilliant firework display at your fingertips for immediate use at any time... cool.
4.        Revincio This is the binding spell that allows you to bind an enemy so tightly that they can hardly breathe, let alone move.  I have used this spell to save the life of one of my best friends so it has a special place in my heart.
5.        Icio This is the striking or wounding spell, it is like slapping someone with a giant hand and knocking them sideways. I have a few people that I would like to use this on...
6.        Occillo This is the shatter spell, which is used to break objects. To prevent the incatiatio falling into the hands of another, I must use this spell to destroy the objects that contain it as soon as it is revealed to me.
7.        Incendium With this spell you can heat rocks to warm yourself or to cook food on, or you can start fires or heat water. It is an adaptable spell with many different uses and is great if you are camping out in the open.
8.        Mollesco & Dormio These are the calming and sleeping spells, I haven’t used them yet but I think that they may come in handy one day if I ever need to get by someone or quieten a noisy loris. 
9.        Interficio This is not really what I would call a favourite spell as it is the spell that took the life of one of my dearest friends, or rather it forced their descent.  It is a killing spell if it is used on mortal natives but on immortal ascendants it forces our decent and we return to Terra Coram to begin our ascension cycle once again.
10.                 Confractio Charm This is the rare and deadly spell that Lord Ka brewed and then cast on the Rhodium people, my people. It rips the potens from ascendants bodies and fractures them into thousands of pieces scattering them into the air, and it shatters mortal bodies into dust.  It is the spell that destroyed all my people and transformed our lands into an inhospitable frozen wasteland. It is therefore not a favourite spell of mine, but if it was not for this spell I would not be here, so I have reluctantly included it. My hope is that I never have to witness its use.

On the road ahead of me I will undoubtedly be using some of these as well as many other spells. If you join me on my quest your help and support can only bolster my resolve to bring peace and unity to the Afterlands and their people.  I look forward to meeting you along the way.   Rose

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