11 June 2014

Ascension of the Whyte has been published!

Well after almost a year of scribbling I have finally managed to get my first novel published. ‘Ascension of the Whyte’ is a young adult fantasy novel. Here is a taster of what it is all about:
‘Most of us, from time to time, wonder what happens to us when we die. Sara Carson didn’t wonder though, she knew; we decomposed. Sara Carson had no delusions about heaven, hell, life after death, or reincarnation. However, what Sara Carson did not know, was that some of us are special.
For some of us, life on earth is merely a short stopover on a much, much, longer journey. In fact, for some of us, death is just the beginning of our next great adventure.
Sara Carson was one of those special people, and her most incredible journey did not begin, until the day she died.’
Paperback version proof copy is being printed as I write.

1 comment:

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